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The resort town of Zelenogradsk is located on the coast of the Baltic sea. Before the World war II, this resort in East Prussia was called Cranz. It is smaller than Svetlogorsk, but located near the Curonian spit, so holiday in Zelenogradsk can be combined with trips to the protected areas of the Curonian spit.

The first settlement of Prussian fishermen appeared on this site in 1252. Later, the Teutonic knights built a tavern Kranta-Krug here, so that travelers could rest after a difficult crossing through the Sands of the Curonian spit. The Curonian spit was an important trade and military road from Konigsberg to Memel. However, the problem of the onset of sand dunes on the spit, which absorbed entire villages, in those years, was very serious.

Cranz received the status of a Royal resort in 1816, when Friedrich Kassel, doctor of medicine, opened warm sea baths here. Kassel noted several factors for the development of the resort. Here is clear water, dense pine forest, as well as a strong impact of waves on the embankment, so that the air is saturated with useful substances. It was also very important to be able to sunbathe in the famous "Cranz’s beaches-pans". “Pans” are hidden places in the sand dunes at the base of the Curonian spit, which are very warm in the sun and protected from the Baltic wind. Thus, you can sunbathe from the beginning of May until late autumn, even if the water in the Baltic sea is cold.

Today, the historical center of the resort of Cranz, where the architecture of East Prussia has been preserved, is, alas, quite small. In fact, we are talking about a section of Resort Boulevard with a length of 400 meters. Old houses of the 19th century have been preserved in other places of Zelenogradsk, but they are located in different places, and many of them have lost their historical appearance due to reconstruction of the Soviet period.

Zelenogradsk embankment stretches along the Baltic sea coast for 2 kilometers. It is very wide, there are special paths for bicyclists and for walking. Many people prefer to go down to the beach rather than along the high embankment. The sea brings amber ashore, and sometimes it can be found on the sand right under your feet. In the Central part of the embankment, The Queen Louise well room has been built, where you can drink local mineral water "Zelenogradskaya".

The beaches for swimming here are magnificent. Someone swims directly on the beach of the Central promenade, but it is best to go to the Northern district of Zelenogradsk, to the City Park. At this point begins the Curonian spit, where there are sand dunes with the famous pan-beaches.

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Resort Boulevard in Zelenogradsk is the historical center of the Prussian resort of Cranz
One of the most beautiful buildings on Resort Boulevard of Zelenogradsk is a half-timbered Kurhouse, built in 1843
Sand dunes on the Curonian spit inflates from the Baltic sea and in the 18th century it was a serious problem, sand is covered with everything
Wide embankment in the Central part of the resort Zelenogradsk Kaliningrad region
Wooden breakwaters made of larch, made in the time of East Prussia, on the beach resort Zelenogradsk
Transfiguration Cathedral in Zelenogradsk is built in the style of German late Gothic red brick
Zelenogradsk water tower was built in 1904, now there is a Museum and an observation deck
Map of the resort of Cranz on the Baltic sea in the local history Museum of Zelenogradsk
The dunes on the shore of the Baltic sea are convenient because you can hide in their hollows from the cold wind after swimming
Sand dunes on the Curonian spit, slowly covering the forest
Small dunes on the shore of the Baltic sea on the Curonian spit
Hollows of dunes on the Baltic sea on the Curonian spit
Beautiful residential building with half towers in the German style on the Resort Boulevard of Zelenogradsk
In the days of East Prussia, the resort of Zelenogradsk was called Cranz, and the Resort Boulevard was called Königsberg Strasse
A small city garden near the well room of Queen Louise on the embankment of Zelenogradsk
The well room of Queen Louise on the embankment of Zelenogradsk, where you can test mineral water Zelenogradskaya
Restored historic wooden houses on Resort Boulevard in Zelenogradsk
Post and Telegraph buildings on Zelenogradsk`s Resort Boulevard, built of red brick in the German Gothic style
Villa Сrell was built in the early 20th century, now it houses the local history Museum of Zelenogradsk
Exhibition in the Local history Museum of Zelenogradsk, dedicated to the life of the village of Cranz in the Middle ages
The Orthodox Transfiguration Cathedral of Zelenogradsk in the time of East Prussia was called the Church of Saint Adalbert
Exhibition in the local history Museum of Zelenogradsk, dedicated to the fishing of the famous flounder