The Bath House was built near the Monplaisir Palace in the Lower Park of Peterhof in 1866. Now it is a museum where you can see the interiors of baths, pools, shower rooms and rest rooms of 19 century.

In the time of Peter the Great the Guest House with a wooden bath near it were on the place of the Bath House. The bath was built specially for Peter I. A luxurious bath house was built under Empress Catherine. It featured a pool with a rising bottom. The pool was supplied with water from the Gulf of Finland. 

The today stone bath house was built in the reign of Emperor Alexander II. His wife Maria Alexandrovna had tuberculosis, and she actively used the system of water treatment, which was specially created for her. 

There you can see a steam room with pyramid of cast-iron gun balls instead stones. Near it you could take treatment of various herbs in bath tubs. Near the bath house, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, there was laid out a tiny Chinese garden. Near the Chinese garden a bath for cavaliers (men) was built. It also had steam rooms, bath rooms, and the famous pool. A large ball is installed the center of the pool. Several dozens of water jets gush out from the ball, as well as from from the floor at its sides. You could take a shower in them.