The entrance of the Colonist Park is near the Upper Park of the Peterhof Palace. The Olga`s Pond occupies most of the park. Beautiful silver willows grow on the shore of this huge pond. There are two islands with pavilions in the center of the pond. 

Before 19 century it was a swampy area inhabited by a lot of feather game so it was called the Hunting Swamp. In 1837 the swamp was drained and a pond was dug. The pond was named after the second daughter of Emperor Nicholas I, Olga. There were built houses for German colonists on the shore of the Olga`s Pond. The park itself became known as the Colonist Park.

Two pavilions were erected on the two artificial islands in the center of the pond. A beautiful one-floor Tsaritsyn Pavilion is on the nearer island. It was built by architect Stackenschneider for Alexandra Fyodorovna, wife of Emperor Nicholas I, in 1842. 

A massive terrace with a parapet descends from the main facade of the pavilion to the water. The parapet is decorated by marble vases. Different marble was used in the interior finishing of the Tsaritsyn Pavilion (white, grey, red, black, etc.). The floor of the dining-room is inlaid with Pompeii mosaic. You can also see authentic ancient ceramics in the other rooms of the pavilion. The territory of the island is beautifully decorated. The Tsaritsyn Pavilion is surrounded by a wonderful garden with sculptures.

The Olga`s Pavilion was built for the daughter of Emperor Nicholas I on the second island. It is a three-floor building in the Neapolitan style. On this island you can also look at the true Venetian gondola, an Italian gift to the 300th anniversary of Petersburg.