The Monplaisir Palace was a favorite residence of Peter the Great. It has at least the same historical value as the Grand Peterhof Palace. The construction of both palaces was started almost about the same time in 1714. However the Monplaisir Palace was built under Peter I and he actively used it. As for the Grand Palace, it was finished much later.

The project of the Monplaisir Palace, including interior finishing, was based on the drawings and sketches of Peter the Great. Peter I also chose the place for the palace as well as designed the surrounding park, with fountains and flowerbeds. The Monplaisir Palace was his idea of the dwelling of a cultured ruler of those years.

Peter I often visited the palace. There were held various conferences, meetings and receptions at the Monplaisir Palace. At the palace there were also housed the collections of pictures and China porcelain gathered by Peter I himself. The largest room, the Great Hall, is in the center of the palace. It is a very beautiful example of Petrine Baroque. Many interiors of the Monplaisir Palace were left intact, which also make it very valuable from the point of view of art.