Samuel`s Building also known as the Bishop Mansion is in the center of the Bishop Court. The building adjoins the White Chamber and the Savior Church on the Seni. 

Samuel`s Building was erected for the metropolitan and his court in 1670. Some of its rooms were occupied by the Kazenny Prikaz which was in charge of the finances of the eparchy. And the eparchial treasury was kept in the podklet (ground floor) of the Savior Church on the Seni. 

To the end of 17 century Samuel`s Building had only two floors. But later it got one more floor and at the end of 18 century the building was reconstructed in the spirit of classicism. 

The White Chamber is near Samuel`s Building. The White Chamber was built about the same time as the church, in 1675. It is supposed that the building was modelled after the Patriarch`s Palace of the Moscow Kremlin. 

The front rooms was on the first floor of the building. Now the Museum of Church Antiquities is located in the building. It is one of the most interesting museums of the Rostov Kremlin. Expositions are held in Samuel`s Building too. The expositions are devoted to the ancient Russian art and the painting of 18-20 centuries and the enamelling on metal.