The gate church of Resurrection was one of the first churches built at the residence of Metropolitan Iona in 1670. The church complex consists of a five-domed church, three gateways, a gallery and two gate towers. Resurrection church is facing the Assumption Cathedral. It serves as the Holy Gate at the entrance to the Pontifical Court on the side of the Assumption Cathedral. 

There are no historical data about the authors of the church frescoes. But some historians think that they were made by the masters from Kostroma and Yaroslavl, as well as the famous Guriy Nikitin. All of them worked in Rostov in the time of Metropolitan Iona.

Especially wonderful is the stone iconostasis. Actually, it is a continuous wall covered by frescoes and only partially hanged with icons. The church has a small bell tower resembling the Tsarskaya Tower (Tsar`s tower) of the Moscow Kremlin.