The Red Chamber is the most beautiful non-church building of the Rostov Kremlin. The Red Chamber is also known as the «Tsar’s Mansion». It was built in 1670 and had to serve for the accommodation of tsars during their visits to Rostov. However, it had never been used for intended purpose.

After the death of Iona Sysoyevich the arch-see was transferred to Yaroslavl. And following the loss of political influence Rostov also lost its religious importance. After that even the officials of much lower rank rarely came to Rostov, not to mention tsars. 

By 19 century the upper floor of the building got dilapidated and was completely reconstructed. And the front chambers were used as wine and salt storages. However, in 20 century the Red Chamber was restored to its original appearance. Today its houses several exhibitions and expositions such as  «Museum Drawing-Room» and «Ceramics and Porcelain». 

One of the front chambers of the building has a door to the passage leading to the Church of John the Evangelist. The Big Porch deserves special attention. It was on this carved porch that many scenes from the Soviet comic science fiction film «Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession» were shot.