Brussels attractions

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also of the whole of Europe. This is a cozy city, the architectural style of the Flemish Baroque is very impressive. At the same time, walking through historical sights should be combined with pleasant acquaintance with Belgian cuisine and Belgian beer in restaurants and pubs.

The tour of Brussels should start at the Grand Place. It can be called one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, and perhaps the world. It has a special beauty and favor. The two main buildings on the square are the Town Hall and the Royal house. Both buildings, however, as well as all the other houses on the square, are covered with rich stone carvings. The walls are covered with various shapes, patterns, etc.

The Town Hall is now the residence of the Mayor of Brussels, although part of it is open to the public. Opposite the town hall there is a Bread house - previously bread was baked here. Then the Duke of Brabant began to give receptions here, and it was called the Royal house. Now the historical Museum is located here. The entire Grand Place ensemble was formed in the 18th century after the French army of Louis XIV destroyed the historical center of the city in 1685.

There are many small streets in the neighbourhood of the square where it will also be pleasant to have a stroll. If you go along the street on the left side of Town Hall, you will soon, after two quarters, see the Manneken Pis. That is the famous landmark of Brussels. If you are lucky, the statue will be dressed in costume to honor some festival.

Rue des Bouchers (the Street of Butchers) is on the other side of Town Hall where there is a continuous line of expensive and medium-cost restaurants. You should go there in the evening when the street is filled with walkers.

From the Grand Dance, you can climb to the observation deck on the Mount of Arts. You can see the entire Lower city from here. The roofs of the houses look very picturesque, and the spire of the city Hall dominates them. Even higher up on the Coudenberg hill is located the Royal Palace and Park. There are several rooms open to the public in the Palace, so if you have time, you can plan this tour.

There are many other sights in Brussels, for example, St. Michael`s Cathedral, Ex-change, Theatre, churches, however, you`d rather think about pleasant pastime at the bars of the city. Belgium produces over three hundred brands of beer. It was just there that potato chips and waffles were first invented, and, of course, you must taste the national Belgium dish, mussels. In fact, the level of a restaurant is determined by the way the cook mussels. Generally, you will have guaranteed gastronomic pleasures in Brussels.

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Brussels City Hall and merchant guilds houses on the Grand Place in Brussels
Houses of merchant guilds built on the Grand Place in Brussels in the 18th century
A small fountain Manneken Pis is a symbol of Brussels and even the whole of Belgium
Regular park on the Mountain of Arts and a view of the Lower City of Brussels
The Church of Saint James was built in Brussels in 1776 in the neoclassical style and looks more like a Palace
The Royal Palace of Brussels was built in the 19th century and is now the official residence of the Belgian monarchs
The facade of the Royal Palace in Brussels was created in 1904 in the neoclassical style
The Brussels town Hall is not symmetrical, in the beginning of 15th century, the left wing and Tower were built, and then the right wing was completed
View of the Grand Place from the balcony of the Brussels City Hall
In the evening on the Grand Place in Brussels always gathers a lot of tourists
Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula - Cathedral of the Catholic Church in Brussels
Sculpture of Saint Gudula in the Cathedral in Brussels
Numerous restaurants on the Rue de Boucher in Brussels
Many restaurants on the Rue de Boucher in Brussels are under canopies
View from the lower part of the Mountain of Arts on the Coudenberg hill in Brussels
Observation deck at the top of the Mountain of Arts on the Coudenberg hill in Brussels
Museum of Musical instruments in the Old England building On the mountain of Arts in Brussels
On 21 July 1831 the first king of Belgium Leopold I took the oath of office on the steps of this Church of Saint James in Brussels
In 1619, the year the sculptor Jérôme Duquesnoy created composition of Manneken Pis fountain in Brussels
The Brussels stock exchange has become a Museum in recent years
Leonardo da Vinci`s inventions among the monumental Empire style interiors at the Brussels stock exchange
Sculptures in the alleys of the Brussels Park
Palace of the Belgian Senate in front of the Brussels Park