Chaplygin street is between Gorky street and October street. The street goes across Red Avenue. There are both wooden and stone houses of the beginning of the 20 century all over the street. However, to make you trip as short as possible, you should look around the houses, which are in the neighbourhood of the church of Alexander Nevsky.

The most interesting houses on Chaplygin street have the numbers 25, 27 and 29. These three houses stand next to each other. The most beautiful of them is a wooden single story house with a big mezzanine, #25. It is a curious cross of a wooden peasant house and a city mansion. The house was built by a merchant Runin who sold tea and sugar in Novosibirsk.

Near it is a residential house with a beautiful porch and twisted posts. The house was built at the beginning of the 20 century. Now it is the administrative building of Novosibirsk main gas line administration.

The residential house on 29, Chaplygin St. is an example of an apartment house for the middle class. This two-floor house has a very simple deign without any luxuries.