Kommunisticheskaya street is the closest to the railway station «Ob», which laid down the foundation of Novosibirsk. There are several wooden houses, which are very simi-lar to those of Tomsk, in this street.

The wooden house #27 looks very beautiful but it is a modern house built in the style of old houses. The next 4 houses were built at the beginning of the 20 century and belong to the cul-tural heritage of Novosibirsk: the single-story house of a merchant G. Beylin built in 1906 (#25), the apartment house of А. Pyatkovskaya (#23), the house of  Rosenfeld (#21) and the house of Berko Merovich (#19).

All these houses represent a single complex of pre-revolutionary buildings of Novosibirsk, then Novonikolayevsk. Near it is one of the first stone buildings of Novosibirsk – the house of a mer-chant Aaron Kagan (#17). The house was built in the classic style of minimalism in 1908. Now it is occupied by a medical institution.

There are some more wooden buildings of the beginning of the 20 century on Communist street but they have yet to be repaired.