Many new buildings are now being erected on October Street but still there were preserved two interesting wooden buildings. They are the house of a merchant K. P. Buzolin and the church of the intercession of the Holy Virgin.

The wooden church was built at the corner of October and Uritsky streets in 1901. In 1906 a refectory was attached to the church and it acquired its today appearance. In 1939 the church was closed. The bell tower was pulled down but the building of the church was not destroyed. 

For a long time it was occupied by various organizations. In the 90th of the past century the church was returned to the Orthodox Church and it was restored to its original appearance. To-day it is the only surviving wooden church dating back to the beginning of 20 century in Novosibirsk.

Near the church is the house of a merchant Buzolin built in 1910. It is a small, single story build-ing combining the traditions of the Russian wooden architecture with the elements of baroque. The house features a small bay window richly decorated by carved elements.