There is only one interesting wooden house on Lenin street. However, it is the biggest and the most beautiful houses ranging with the best examples of Tomsk wooden architecture.

The three-floor house was built in 1905 by a merchant from Barnaul Ivan Surikov, the wealthiest citizen and the first head of Novonikolaevsk.

Originally, the house was intended for the city treasury but in 1913 it was moved to a new build-ing on Red Avenue, which is now occupied by the local history museum. The same year the house was rented to the girl’s gymnasium headed by P. A. Smirnova.

The house has the shape of the English letter «L». The ground floor was built from brick while the first and the second floors were built from wood. The wooden part of the house is richly decorated. The windows have carved surrounds and the side of the house facing the street has a big balcony. Today the house is occupied by the hotel «DeLuxe».