The Church of All Saints was built on the right side over the Square of Heroes near the communal grave of soldiers who died in the Battle of Stalingrad. Near the path leading up to the Motherland Calls monument, a sign is placed informing that over 35 thousand people are buried on the Mamayev Kurgan.

Patriarch Alexy II voiced the idea that a church should be built near the communal grave on the Mamayev Kurgan during his visit to the Mamayev Kurgan in 1993, but it was laid down only in 2002.

The church has five domes, with the height of the upper dome reaching 38 meters. It is just the church and not the Motherland Calls monument that is located precisely on the top on the Height 102, which was designated as the Mamayev Kurgan on military maps. The mound at the base of the Motherland Calls monument was raised only after the war.