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Square to Those who Fought to Death on Mamayev Kurgan

After climbing the slope of the Mamayev Kurgan along the long Poplar Alley, by the granite steps, tourists reach the Square to Those who Fought to Death. In the center of the square there is a round pool. The monument to the Russian soldier ready to defend the city is in the middle of the pool. The following words are inscribed at the base of the monument: There is no land for us behind the Volga.

The image of the Russian soldier was created by the sculptor E. Vuchetich. It is a symbol of the resistance that the Russian soldiers displayed during the most difficult period of the storm of the city in the autumn of 1942, when in Stalingrad the most stubborn combats were fought nearly for every house and every street. Many buildings repeatedly changed hands, but the Germans were not able to capture the city.

The height of the monument to the Russian soldier reaches 16 meters. The words from the famous Order No. 227 also known as “Not a Step Back” are inscribed on the pedestal of the monument: “Do not shame the sacred memory”, “Every house is a fortress”, and “Stand to death!”.

The Ruined Walls are above the monument. The images of the defenders of Stalingrad are depicted on them in the form of high reliefs. They recreate the atmosphere of the Battle of Stalingrad. Tourists also can hear the sound of the battle from the speakers when climbing the stairs along the Ruined Walls.