The Church of Peter and Paul is located in Petrovsky Park, in the south-western district of Yaroslavl. The church is a stylized copy of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the symbol of St. Petersburg. The Church of Peter and Paul was built in 1736 by merchant Ivan Zatapeznov, who was an admirer of Tsar Peter I. There are no similar churches in Yaroslavl or in the surrounding cities.

At the beginning of the 18th century, a textile and paper manufactory was located on the site of Petrovsky Park. It consisted of linen and paper factories that produced a wide range of products. Ponds were dug and mills were built on the Kavardakovsky Creek, which flows into the Kotorosl River.  

The owner of the Manufactory Ivan Zatapeznov in 1736 began the construction of the Church of Peter and Paul in the center of the manufactory, on the shore of one of the artificial ponds. He decided to build a temple in his domain, which would be completely different from the churches that were usually built by Yaroslavl masters. As a result, a church was built in the style of Peter the Great Baroque with a spire. Its height reaches 57 meters.  The dimensions of the building itself are also impressive: 48 x 12 meters. 

The Church of Peter and Paul has two levels. On the lower floor there is a warm temple of Simeon the God-Giver and Anna the Prophetess, and on the high upper floor there was a cold temple of Peter and Paul. Here was the necropolis of the merchant family of the Zatapeznovs. A clock is installed on the dome of the church under the spire, which was also unusual for Russian Orthodox churches.  

The church of Peter and Paul, as well as the manufactory of the merchant Zatapeznov, were visited by royal persons who paid attention to the capital`s luxury of the estate. In addition to the church itself, there was a beautiful regular park with sculptures and pavilions between the ponds. It has survived to this day, but in a very neglected state.  

In Soviet times, a cinema was organized in the upper church, and this saved the church from destruction. All the other buildings of the Zatapeznov manufactory have fallen into complete desolation, and now only ruins remain of them. The lower church has been restored and services are held in it. The upper temple is planned to open in 2022. Subsequently, the city authorities plan to restore Petrovsky Park.  

2.5 kilometers from the Church of Peter and Paul on the bank of the Kotorosl River there are two more famous churches of Yaroslavl. One of them is the Church of John the Baptist in Tolchkov. This is the only Church in Russia with 15 domes and with a very beautiful decor. The Fedorovskaya Church is located 800 meters from it.