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Spit of Volga and Kotorosl rivers in Yaroslavl

In 1010 at the place where the Kotorosl` river falls into the Volga, the main navigable river of Russia, the prince Yaroslav the Wise founded a new town called after him Yaroslavl. Now at the place called the Strelka (spit) a beautiful recreation zone with musical fountains was created.

High embankments run around the Spit, that is, the town was on the fairly tall hill. You could have the most beautiful view on the Spit from the Pavilion on the Kotorosl` embankment, located near the reconstructed Assumption Cathedral.

On the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl, the Spit of the Volga Kotorosl` was face-lifted and almost once became the favorite recreation zone of the natives and guests of the city. There was created a complex of musical fountains, stretching for several dozens of meters along the main alley.

At the end of the Spit, also on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl, there was set up the monument to the founders of Yaroslavl and those who contributed to the development of the city. From the monument you can have a splendid view on the high embankments, as well as the domes of the Assumption Cathedral.

In the immediate vicinity of the spit of the Volga and Kotorosl`, you can see some other sights of the city, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, and the Governor`s House.