At the beginning of 19 century Yaroslavl was the main city of Yaroslavl province, and important economic center of European Russia. In 1821 the emperor Alexander I took a decision to build a residence for the governor.

The Governor`s House was erected on the Volga embankment, at the walking distance from the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl and the Assumption Cathedral – the place where the city of Yaroslavl was laid down. Since the moment of its construction in 1823 it was the official residence of all Yaroslavl governors, and the en route imperial palace for the Russian emperors and the other high rank officials stayed.

Alexander Mikhailovich Bezobrazov was the first governor who settled at the Governor`s House. Before he was the governor of Tambov and was transferred to St. Petersburg in 1826. After him and until 1918 fourteen Yaroslavl governors occupied the Governor`s House.

Since 1970 the Governor`s House is occupied by the Yaroslavl art museum. It may be interesting by its collection of pictures, as well as the interiors of ceremonial chambers. Behind the house there`s a beautiful Governor`s Park. You can see various sculptures on the sides of walking paths. The Church of Elijah the Prophet is behind the fence of the park. It is a gem of Yaroslavl art school that you must visit.