The park «City Beguining» is at the foot of the Trans-Siberian Railway bridge over the Ob river, which was built in 1893. This year is considered the date of the foundation of Novo-Nikolayevsk, which was later renamed Novosibirsk – the third largest city in Russia with the population of 1,5 million people.

The park was given the name «Gorodskoye Nachalo» by its main exhibit – the original truss (iron construction) of the railway bridge. This bridge «near the village Krivoshchyokovo at the 1328th verst of the West-Siberian Railway» was built by the project of the engineer Belelyubskiy. In those years the bridges of the Trans-Siberian Railway, especially across the Yenisei and the Amur, were remarkable constructions of such kind. The steel constructions were produced at the Ural Votkinsk plant.

Apart from the historic bridge truss, there was installed the monument to Alexander III in the park. The Trans-Siberian Railway was built and Novo-Nikolayevsk was founded during the rule of this Russian emperor.

It is especially fine at the park in summer. Opposite the park, on the Ob river, is a floating fountain, and various concerts are held on the big music venue. A lot of people always walk on the embankment running along the river.