The Novosibirsk local history museum is housed at the former Trading Building, which was constructed in 1910 on the side of Red Avenue abutting Pervo-mayskiy public garden. The museum was founded in 1920.

Its collection had been created in the during the active development of Novosibirsk in 20-30th of the past century, which made it the main city of Siberia. The opening of local history and art museums raised the status of the city. Under the first head of the museum there were conducted various regional researches aimed at finding the ethnographic data on the native peoples of Si-beria.

As a result, now the local history museum has a very interesting exposition devoted to the culture of the Siberian Region: clothes, articles from metal and glass, cult objects (Christianity and ancient shamanism), books, collection of coins.

Rather interesting expositions are devoted to the archaeology as well as the nature of Siberia. At the museum you can see a complete skeleton of mammoth, which was discovered near Vakhrushevo (village) of the Kochenevsky District of the Novosibirsk Region.