Pervomayskiy public park is the most beautiful and accessible park in Novosibirsk, which you may visit during a walk on Krasny avenue near the main sights of the city.

Since the foundation of Novo-Nikolayevsk it was the main fair-ground where took place the principal events of the city life. In 1917 it was decided to gradually pull down all market pavilions. In 1929 it was decided to plants trees and shrubs in this place, and a park appeared in the center of the city within walking distance from Lenin Square.

Now Pervomayskiy public park is visited by the citizens and guests of Novosibirsk, as well as the newlyweds, as it is very picturesque at the central fountain. On Krasny avenue you can see the monumental buildings of the Stalin period, as well as the Museum of Local History.

In the park you can have a walk on the paths starting at the central fountain. They are flanked by trees and sculptures: Love, Peace, King and Queen and some others. In 2000 the Khachkar (cross-stone) in honour of the 2000th Anniversary of Christ`s Nativity was installed for the money of Armenian community in the park.