Cloak bridge in Cesky Krumlov

The Cloak bridge rises above the deep gorge. It has five tiers and connects the four main courtyards of the castle and the fifth courtyard, located on a nearby rock. The Cloak bridge is part of the Krumlov castle, but its appearance is so spectacular that it is considered a separate attraction of the city.

The Cloak bridge was built in 1767 on the site of a wooden structure. Its lower part is very similar to the Roman aqueduct. The construction was made according to the rules of medieval fortification. In Czech the bridge is called "bridge to plashti". According to one version, in the middle ages, the word "plash" was called fortification structures. The length of the Cloak bridge is 30 meters, and its height is 40 meters.

An open crosswalk is built on the upper part of the bridge, and two closed galleries are built above it. The lower closed gallery connected the Baroque theater and the Masquerade hall. The upper gallery was reserved for the noble persons and owners of castle. It was possible to go from the picture gallery of the castle in the Park.

The lower part of the bridge is open for passage. It offers the most beautiful view of the historical center of the Czech Krumlov. Here you can see most picturesque views of this medieval town. Sculptures of Christian saints are installed on the Cloak bridge: John of Nepomuk, Felix of Cantalicia, Wenceslaus, and Anthony of Padua.