The small but cozy Concord Square is the main square in the historical center of Cesky Krumlov. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral of St. Vitus. In the center of the square in the early 18th century, a Plague column with a statue of the Virgin Mary was installed, symbolizing the victory over the epidemic.

The architectural ensemble of the Concord square was formed in the 15th century, but the facades of the houses were rebuilt in later periods. During the reconstruction, some buildings have acquired a very beautiful shape of roofs and facades.

The Town Hall, built in 1580, is located on the Concord Square. This is one of the oldest buildings preserved in the city. Its facade is very modest, almost no different from the neighboring buildings. Above the Town Hall there is no spire, as in other cities, or the main entrance from the square. In the basement of the Town Hall there is a Museum of torture.

There are many cafes and restaurants on the square, so you can relax here after walking around the city. Colorful pedestrian streets that adjoin the Concord Square are also very cosy. Especially beautiful is the Radnicni street, which passes over the Lazebnitsky bridge into Latran, the main street of the city.