The Epiphany Cathedral is a metropolitan church of the Tomsk eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1630 on the embankment of the river Tom at the foot of Voskresenskaya hill there was erected a wooden church of Epiphany.

After numerous fires, it was decided to build a stone church in 1777. It was built in the style of Siberian baroque and consecrated in 1784. Khvostov, the first governor of Tomsk, made it the main church of the city.

In 1929 the Epiphany Cathedral was closed but, unlike the churches in the other cities of the country, it was not ruined. At first, it housed the courses of «Sibzheldorstroy» and from 1947 to 1994 it was occupied by the Tomsk rubber shoes factory. In 1994 the Epiphany Cathedral was returned to the Church and in 2000 it was again consecrated and opened for people.