Lenin Avenue is the main street of the old Tomsk. For several centuries it was there that the most beautiful wooden houses were located. But in the 19 century all of them were pulled down and replaced by beautiful multistory stone houses. There only remained several wooden houses near Trifonov street.

From the architectural point of view the most interesting part of Lenin Avenue is between Lenin Square and the Siberian Botanic Garden (near Kirov Avenue). There one can see both wooden and stone houses of various styles: classic, eclectic and Siberian baroque.

Two multistory stone houses stood out in the historic part of the city on Lenin Avenue. One of them was once the property of the trading house «Kukhterin & Sons». It is not far from the Trinity public garden and is now occupied by the City Hall. The other house is closer to Lenin Square. It is the former tenement building of Golovanov. Today it is occupied by the business and office premises. Both the houses were built in the eclectic style in the second half of the 19 century.

Among the green spaces giving on Lenin Avenue one should note the Siberian Botanic Garden near the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the University grove and the Trinity public garden.