Surely, you should visit the memorial museum «NKVD remand prison» as it will be quite difficult to find a similar place in the other cities of Russia. The museum is in the basement of a big stone house on 44, Lenin Avenue. It is there that remand prison of the Tomsk City Department of the NKVD was located in the period from 1923 to 1944.

The museum was opened in 1989. When going down in the basement one can feel the atmosphere of the 30th of the past century.

The permanent exposition includes the reconstructed corridor and the cells of the prison, as well as the interior of the investigator`s office. Several expositions are in the four rooms (former prison cells) of the museum: The Chronicle of the Repressions in the Tomsk Region, the Big Terror, the Executed Cross, the Bielastok Tragedy, GULAG and the Special Settlers of the Narym Territory and so on. The punishment cell was reconstructed in one of the museum rooms (prison cells).

On the territory adjacent to the house, on the place of the former prison court, the Remembrance public garden was created. In the period from 1992 to 2004 the memorials to the victims of the political repressions in the Tomsk region were installed at the public garden.