The Tomsk ostrog (prison) was built on Voskresenskaya hill near the river Ushayka in the place where it joins the river Tom. The Ushayka river looks much bigger on the pictures of the past centuries. This is because today the most part of the river is hidden in the tunnels under Lenin Square.

Another interesting sight of Tomsk is the Stone bridge spanning the river Ushayka at the foot of Voskresenskaya hill. Today the bridge is a site of the federal importance. It was built in 1916 and was then called Dumsky. The length of the bridge is 42 m. All four corners of the bridge are decorated with small pillars.

Beyond the Stone bridge the river Ushayka runs along a well-planned embankment up to Lenin Square. Lenin Square was always the main square of Tomsk, and for several centuries it changed many names: Bazarnaya, Gostinodvorskaya, Bogoyavlenskaya and Iverskaya. The Annunciation Cathedral (1630), the Iviron chapel (1630), the Exchange building (1852), the Drama Theatre and the Philharmonia are the most significant buildings on Lenin Square.

The river Ushayka runs behind the Philharmonia and then takes a sharp bend and falls into the river Tom. A big space called the Theatre public garden is in front of the Drama Theatre. The obelisks depicting some historic events are installed there. From the Theatre public garden you should go to the embankment of the river Tom.