Tula Museum of Fine Arts

The Tula Museum of Fine Arts is on the square in front of Belousov Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The pictures of Russian and European painters, as well as interesting collections of porcelain ware are on display at the rooms of the museum.

The Tula Museum of Fine Arts based on the collections once owned by the noble families of the Tula Region (the Olsufyevs, the Bobrinskys, the Gagarins, and the Urusovs) was opened in 1919. At first the collections were stored at the local Chamber of Antiquities, which was opened at Tula in 1884.

At the museum you can see the portraits of the painters of the 18th century: Antropov, Borovikovsky and Tropinin. There also presented the pictures of the famous Russian painters of the 19th century: Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Polenov and Serov. There is also a collection of avant-garde pictures of Kandinsky, Malevich, Konchalovsky and the other famous painters of such kind at the museum.