Lenin Square in Tula

Lenin Square is just in front of the Tula Kremlin. The Administration of the Tula Region is on the eastern side of the square. The monument of Lenin is in front of the building.

A big modern shopping center is opposite the Administration building. Two cathedrals - those of Assumption and Transfiguration - are on the left of the shopping center. A small but beautiful monument is near the cathedrals. It the monument to Tula gingerbread.

The Cathedral of Dormition (Assumption) on Lenin Square was the main church of the now abolished Assumption monastery. Today it is the metropolitan cathedral of Tula. It was built in the Neo Russian style in 1899. The nearby Transfiguration Cathedral was built in 1843.

The northern side of Lenin Square abuts on the Tula Kremlin. The classic style building of the Museum of Tula Samovar and a beautiful Kremlin garden are at the Odoyevskiye Gate.