Its central location and most powerful economy predetermined the role of Germany as one of the most influential European countries. It has the largest population in Europe (after Russia). Germany was always attractive for tourists, as there are a lot of historical and natural sites on its huge territory.

Many cities have interesting Old Towns where you can enjoy medieval architecture. The most interesting of them are Bremen, Hamburg, Lubeck, Dresden, and Nurnberg. And Cologne has one of the largest cathedrals in Europe where the famous crown of thorns of Jesus Christ is displayed.

Some cities, such as Heidelberg, Wurzburg, Regensburg and Bonn (former capital of FRG), are particularly wonderful. They let you feel the spirit of a small German town of many centuries ago. In Koblenz you can be offered a Rhine cruise. You`ll sail between picturesque hills surmounted by medieval castles some of which are quite well-preserved.

Bavaria is probably the most important tourist center of Germany. Its capital city, Munich, offers excellent opportunities for excursions and shopping, as well as simple recreation. And what a beer it has! Every autumn thousands of tourists go to the famous Oktoberfest to drink beer and have a fun. 

Also, you should make a trip to Berchtesgaden, a small village bordering with Austria. Famous Kenigsee Lake is located there. There are many tourist routes around the lake letting to better feel the nature of Bavaria. By the way, former residence of Hitler Eagle`s Nest was just in Berchtesgaden. And all pictures of Hitler have been taken against the background of mountain landscapes of this small village.

When in Munich you can go to Neuschwanstein castle (literally new swan`s stone»), which can be considered as one of the most beautiful castles in the world. This conclusion is based on simple observation – it is depicted on the covers of four (out of five) books about the castles of the world.

Recently, the capital of Germany has got increasingly attractive for tourists. In the past decades it wasn’t so interesting, as Berlin was almost completely destroyed during the storm of Soviet army in 1945. Then it has been divided into two parts for about 30 years, so its restoration was very slow. And after the reunion the city was under reconstruction for many years. But now, when visiting Berlin, you have a constant contact with history.

In Potsdam, which is in the immediate vicinity of Berlin, there is a beautiful San Souci Castle, built by Friedrich II, one of the greatest German emperors. And if you can spare some time, you should visit this historical site too. The castle is rather simple, but tastefully decorated.

Famous mineral resort Baden-Baden is just in Germany. The only casino in Germany is also located there. By the way, it is the oldest casino in Europe. The atmosphere of deliberate recreation makes Baden-Baden one of the best European resorts.