The building of the hotel «Moscow» was erected on Manezhanya Square in 1932. It is one the largest hotels in Moscow occupying the whole quarter near the square.

It was also one of the first hotels of the Soviet Russia. So, it was decided to construct such a monumental building. The hotel «Moscow» replaced the hunters` rows, which was one of the dirtiest places in the center of Moscow. The market were razed but the name – the Hunters` Rows – remained.

There was arranged a tender for the best project of the future hotel. The was won by the project of the architects Stapran and Saveliev from the shop of Alexey Schusev, an acclaimed Russian and Soviet architect. The appearance of the new hotel didn’t correspond to that of the Kremlin buildings, the State Historical Museum and Moscow City Duma. However, in those years the monumental style was already on the rise in architecture. Later, the style was named the Stalin Empire.