The Manege is on Manezhanya Square, at the very border of the Alexander Garden. It was designed by Spanish engineer Agustin de Betancourt with a unique roof without internal support for 45 meters in 1817. Originally, the building was used as a traditional manege, so it represents historical and architectural value.

The Manege has one floor and an area of 166 х 44 m. The roof of the building has a special construction, which made it possible to erect it without inner supports.

At first parades and marching drills were held there in any weather. The building could hold up to two thousand people. Later it was also used for riding drills. In the building there was enough room for a mounted regiment of a thousand people.

ow various historical and art exhibitions are held in the building. The exhibition devoted to the history of the Manege is on the first floor of the building. There you can see the drawings of the Manege, as well as know its history from the time of construction to our days.