There is a red brick building near the State Historical Museum on Manezhanya Square. Now it houses the War of 1812 Museum.

This beautiful building was erected on the initiative of mayor Nikolai Alekseyev in 1892. It was built by the project of Dmitry Chichagov. His project seamlessly blended with the style of the nearby Historical Museum, which was constructed 10 years earlier.

The building was first occupied by Moscow City Duma. And in the 1930th it was converted into the Central Lenin Museum.

In the 1990th the Lenin Museum was closed. For some time there were held the exhibitions of the Historical Museum in the building. In 2012 it was decided to open the War of 1812 Museum there. It houses the exhibits related to the war such as belongings of Kutuzov and Napoleon, as well as pictures devoted to it.