Khreschatyk street is the main street in the historical center of the city. Its length from the Bessarabian square to the European square is only 1.3 kilometers, although the most famous is an even shorter segment of 700 meters from Independence Square to TSUM (Central department store), where you can see beautiful monumental buildings in the Empire style.

On the site of Independence Square, where Sofiyevskaya street now begins, there was once the Lyadsky gate of the ancient Town of Yaroslav. And even earlier, in the time of Prince Vladimir, the Khreschatyk stream flowed here. It was so named because Prince Vladimir baptized his sons here (in Russian word “baptize” means Khreschat).

In the historical center, the width of Khreshchatyk street reaches 100 meters. The roadway is flanked by 14-meter sidewalks, and a beautiful chestnut alley is planted along the left side of the street. The buildings at this area were built after the World War II, in the style of the monumental Empire. They rise above the street on both sides.

Chestnut alley, which stretches for several hundred meters from Independence Square to TSUM, is a one of favorite leisure spot for all tourists and residents of the city. On weekends and holidays, automobile traffic on Khreshchatyk is blocked, and it becomes completely pedestrian. Beautiful evening illumination creates a pleasant festive atmosphere. This street is well deserved to be called one of the most visited attractions in Kiev. In addition to walking, Khreschatyk is also a great place for shopping.