St. Andrew Church was consecrated in honor of the Apostle Andrew the First-called. It is built on the top of St. Andrew mountain above Podol. This is one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in Kiev, built in 1754 by the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

The Apostle Andrew, Peter`s brother, was called by Jesus Christ the first of all the apostles, so he was called Andrew the First-called. Like other apostles, he preached a lot in different countries and, according to the chronicle of Nestor, made a journey from Korsun along the Dnieper. On the top of the mountain, where St. Andrew Church now stands, he placed a cross. The Apostle Andrew told his disciples that a great city would be built on these hills and the grace of God would be upon it.

The Church was founded by order of the Russian Empress Elizabeth during her pilgrimage to Kiev. The project in the Baroque style was designed by her court architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The architectural style of the Church is very similar to the palaces that Rastrelli built in Saint Petersburg during the same years: the Winter Palace, the Catherine Palace etc. In addition to the St. Andrew Church, Bartolomeo Rastrelli also built the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev.

The Church stands on a steep Bank above the Dnieper river. From here to Konkrakt square descends the picturesque winding street Andreevsky Descent, which can also be called a city landmark. The Church is built in the form of a cross. Its height reaches 45 meters, and the diameter of the dome is 10 meters.