The Kremlin Park is located near the Vologda Kremlin. It is connected to the Cathedral Hill Garden, which stretches for 250 meters along the Vologda River Embankment. Tourists and residents of the city come here to walk in the shade of trees. There are entertainment attractions for children in the Kremlin Park. 

The complex of buildings, which we now call the Vologda Kremlin, used to be the Bishop`s Court. The territory of the Bishop`s Court was only 1/10 of the total area of the Vologda Kremlin, which was founded by Ivan the Terrible in 1565.  

Ivan the Terrible proclaimed Vologda the capital of his oprichnina state and immediately began to build the Vologda Kremlin. Then it was a wooden fortress of significantly larger dimensions than the current Kremlin.  

The eastern wall of the wooden fortress of Ivan the Terrible, as well as the rampart and moat, were located in the place where the Kremlin Park is now laid out. In the center of the park there are two large ponds connected to each other by channels.  

From the eastern shore above the pond you can see the remains of the rampart. There is a boat station on the lakes where you can rent a boat. Nearby there is a sculpture of the Heart of Vologda, where the newlyweds come to hang their castle on it.  

Near the Cathedral Hill Garden is the Vladimir Chapel. The Kremlin Park and Cathedral Hill Garden are separated by Sergei Orlov Street, but they are a single whole. There is a sculpture dedicated to the letter "O", as well as a bench "Let`s sit for a while". These two sculptural compositions are dedicated to a special Vologda accent.