Museum of Lace in Vologda

The Museum of Lace in Vologda is one of the most interesting museums in Russia. It gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the famous Vologda folk craft, which has gained fame throughout Russia. The Vologda Lace Museum is the only museum in Russia dedicated to the craft of lace weaving. 

The same well-known crafts in Russia are Gzhel ceramics painting, Palekh miniatures, decorative painting of Khokhloma, weapons art from the village of Kubachi in Dagestan and many others. In Europe, one of the most famous centers of lace weaving is the city of Bruges in Belgium. 

The first lace factory in the Vologda region was established in 1820 in the village of Kovyrino by the landowner V.Zasetskaya. After that, the lace craft began to spread rapidly in Vologda. It was very close to local people who loved the beauty of winter nature, frost patterns on the glass. By the end of the 19th century, 4 thousand women were engaged in lace weaving in the Vologda region, and by 1917 there were almost 40 thousand of them. Girls were taught the craft of lace weaving from the age of 5-7. 

The collection of the Vologda Lace Museum has about 700 exhibits. The exposition is divided into several parts. Of great interest are huge laces made with the highest skill of lace weaving. There are also lace ornaments in religious clothes of the 18th-19th century, as well as in ordinary clothes of the 19th-20th century.  

Vologda lace makers do most of their work from linen, although other fabrics have been used recently. A lot of lace products that are in the Vologda Lace Museum were made during the Soviet era. You can see Soviet symbols on them. 

The Vologda Lace Museum is located on Kremlin Square, near the most interesting sights of the city. Opposite the museum the Vologda Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral are located, as well as the Vologda River Embankment, where a lot of people always walk.  

The collection of the Vologda Lace Museum was placed in the building of the former State Bank. This house was built in the 19th century. At first it belonged to Alexander Vasiliev, and then to Nikolai Bryanchaninov. They were the richest people in the city. Then the building on the main square of Vologda was transferred to the State Bank. The Lace Museum in this house was opened in 2010.