The Church of St. John Chrysostom is located on the left bank of the Vologda River. This district of Vologda is called Zarechny (Behind the river). A very beautiful view of the church, reflected in the waters of the river, opens from the Kremlin Square. You can also walk along the embankment near the church to see St. Sophia Cathedral and the Vologda Kremlin

The stone Church of St. John Chrysostom was built in 1664. Previously, there was a wooden Temple of Myrrh-Bearing Women on this place. The Church of St. John Chrysostom is one of the first stone temples in the Zarechny district of Vologda. Previously, wooden houses were built here. Some of them have remained to this day as monuments of Wooden architecture of Vologda

Many people call the Church of St. John Chrysostom one of the most beautiful churches in Vologda. It has two floors. The lower warm temple was consecrated in honor of John Chrysostom, and the upper cold temple - in honor of the Myrrh-Bearing Wives. 5 domes rise above the temple, and a high bell tower is built next to the church.