Vologda river Embankment

The Vologda River embankment is a favorite place for tourists and residents to walk. Vologda does not have a granite embankment, as in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but there are many interesting sights on both sides of the river. The Vologda Kremlin is located on the southern bank of the Vologda River, and beautiful churches have been built on the bank in the Zarechny district. 

Most tourists begin a walk along the Vologda Embankment on Kremlin Square. A stone Church of Alexander Nevsky in the style of Peter the Great Baroque was built here in the 18th century. A wooden church was built on this site in the 17th century and the church was consecrated in honor of Nicholas the Wonderworker. However, in 1869, the stone church was consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky after the rescue of Emperor Alexander II after an assassination attempt by terrorists from the organization Narodnaya Volya in 1866. 

Next to the church there is a small square lined with slabs. It connects the Kremlin Square with the Vologda River Embankment. There are sculptures of Pallas Athena and a Vologda’s woman with a pipe. On the Embankment of the Vologda River, you can see a monument to the writer Batyushkov. He was born in Vologda and participated in the Patriotic War of 1812. Vologda residents love their fellow countryman very much, so they installed a monument to him here. 

Approaching the Vologda River near the monument to Batyushkov, you can walk in both directions. On the opposite bank of the river, the Church of St. John Chrysostom is visible, which is beautifully reflected in the waters of the river. First you need to walk through the Cathedral Hill Park in the direction of the Kremlin Park (to the left). 

In the park, you will see sculptural compositions: a monument to the letter "O", which is a characteristic feature of the Vologda accent. Here, on the Vologda Embankment, there is a bench on which it is written: "Let`s sit and talk." This bench offers a beautiful view of the bend of the Vologda River. On the opposite bank stands the Church of the Presentation of the Lord. It was built in 1731 in the style of Peter the Great Baroque, its spire rises high above the river. 

Having reached this place, you need to go back to the monument to Batyushkov and then walk along the Vologda Embankment towards the Oktyabrsky Bridge. The distance from the monument to the bridge is 400 meters. There is a very beautiful alley here. On the left side, there is a riverbank, and on the right, there are houses of the 19th century. Near the bridge, a water tower rises above the river in 1899. 

When you reach the Oktyabrsky Bridge, go to the other side of the Vologda River. There you can walk along the Embankment of the 6th Army to the Church of the Presentation of the Lord. The distance from the bridge to the Church of the Presentation of the Lord is 750 meters. You will see beautiful views of the Vologda Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral. In addition, here you can see many wooden and stone houses of the 19th century.