Kronstadt is often called the «City of Marine Glory of Russia». And this epithet is quite justified, if you take it into account that since its foundation in 1703 (at the same time as St. Petersburg), its primary destination was to protect the capital of the Russian Empire from the side of the sea.

In 1703 the construction of Kronshlot was began on the island Kotlin, at the same time as the first houses of St. Petersburg. Considering that at that time Russia had active operations in the Northern War with Sweden, this was an absolute necessity.

And since that time Kronstadt, which grew around Kronshlot, was the main base of the Russian Baltic Fleet. Until 1996 the city was completely closed for visiting and now you can go on an excursion to the fortress. It will be interesting for all those who are interested in the naval history.

And today you can see a great number of battleships and submarines at the landings, and in the city there are many defensive installations, which have been built for several centuries.

The main sight of the city is the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicolas located on the Anchor Square. It was built during 1903-1913. Outwardly, it strongly resembles the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Istanbul. Apart from this cathedral, Kronstadt has a lot of other monuments and sights, related to the Russian Navy, as well as the events, which took place there since the foundation of the city three centuries ago.