Lermontov Public Garden

Lermontov Street is on the left of the entrance to the Resort Park, and the Lermontov Public Garden is near the Lermontov Spring. And generally, everything is related with the name of this poet there, as it was just there, at the house of Karpov, that he spent the last day of his life before the duel.

Generally, Zheleznovodsk and Pyatigorsk, along with the family estate Tarkhany, may be considered the main places related with the life of the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. The house of Karpov was built in 1830. It was there, in a wooden house laid with brick, that Lermontov rented a room on coming to Zheleznovodsk.

During one of his visits to Pyatigorsk, in the summer of 1841, at the house of the Verzilin Lermontov had a quarrel with Martynov. After the quarrel he came back to Zheleznovodsk and then went to the house of Roshke (in a suburb of the city), where he spent the last hours of his life in the company of his distant relative Catherine Bykhovets, whom he was in love with. From there Lermontov with his seconds went to the foot of Mashuk mountain, where he was killed.

Lermontov monument and the pump-house of the Lermontov spring are at the Lermontov Public Garden. According to the memorial plaque attached to the pavilion, «in 1837 and 1841 the water of the spring was used by the great Russian poet M. Y. Lermontov who took waters in Zheleznovodsk». A pavilion was built above the spring in 1810, but at that time it was simply the «Spring #1». The spring was given the name of Lermontov in 1964 to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the poet.