The Resort Park of Zheleznovodsk located on the slopes of the Zheleznaya mountain is of natural origin. Terrainkurs making it possible for tourists to have a walk in the environs of the town or ascend to the top of the mountain begin at the Pushkin gallery.

The main attractions of the park are concentrated in its lower part, at the foot of the mountain. It is there that tourists like to spend their time. The focal point of the lower park is the Pushkin gallery, where the concerts, parties and exhibitions were held in the past.

The main pump-rooms of the Smirnov and Slavyanovskiy springs are also located near the Pushkin gallery. In 1930 the architect Yes`kov designed a beautiful ensemble of the Smirnov spring at the resort park. It consists of a gallery erected above the springs, a big musical fountain and the eagle sculpture made from the stones of the Zheleznaya mountain.

Starting from the Slavyanovskiy spring terrainkurs begin to go up the slope of the Zheleznaya mountain. On the way you will see the pump-room of Vladimirskiy spring, the pump-room of the «spring of youth», the cave of ancient man, and the ice cave.

The main terrainkur of 2.5 km turns round the Zheleznaya mountain ending at the sanatorium «Mountain Air», but you can choose to climb up to the top of the mountain, as well as have a walk in the environs of Zheleznovodsk park and the Razvalka mountain.