One of the most beautiful pump-houses in the Mineralnye Vody region – that of the Smirnov spring – is located on the eastern slope of the Zheleznaya mountain. This water can be used for treatment of stomach diseases.

For centuries the spring of warm mineral water has been in that place, contributing to the swamping of the surrounding area. Earlier, the spring was called «Gryaznushka». However, in spite of its name, the water of the spring was often used not only for drinking but also for taking baths.

In the second half of the 19 century the Moscow doctor Semen Smirnov founded the Russian Balneological Society, which was engaged in the technical improvement of the Mineralnye Vody resorts. In 1865 Smirnov also conducted some works at the spring «Gryaznushka». The mineral water was saturated with carbon acid and had a temperature of 37 degrees. Having tested the water Smirnov recommended it for treatment of stomach diseases.

In 1898 the spring «Gryaznushka» was given the name of Smirnov to honor his contribution to the improvement of the spring. The main works for improvement of the spring began in 1930, when the architect Yes`kov built there a roomy gallery, combining under one roof the springs of Smirnov and Semashko. Also, the Cascade Stair was built leading from the gallery down the slope of the Zheleznaya mountain to the town.

In 1979 a fountain appeared there, and the complex of the Smirnov was finished during the restoration of 2002. Apart from a new musical fountain there appeared the figure of eagle, the symbol of the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody, perched on the boulders from the Zheleznaya mountain.