The literary museum of А. М. Gorky is in the former house of the Burmistrov on Minin Street. The house was built in the style of eclecticism in 19 century. The interiors of that time were preserved to our days. In 1934 the house was given to Gorky literary museum and Gorky writers association.

The museum rooms are on the first floor. At the museum you can see the study of C. Peshkova, the wife of Gorky. There are kept her personal belongings, as well as the photos and books of those years. In the sitting-room Maxim Gorky arranged concerts where Shalyapin himself sang. In the room of М. А. Volzhina, mother of Gorky, there are many family photos and her effects. In the study of Gorky you can see the things, which were especially precious for the writer, such as the manuscripts of his works and the photos of his close friends.

Fyodor Shalyapin lived in the guest room. In this room you can see the personal things of the singer, including a writing desk, an ink-pot, a candlestick, a pencil sharpener, a dressing bag and the watch, which were the gift of Gorky.