In the center of Yessentuki is a huge resort park, which is the main attraction of the resort city. And it is quite naturally – Yessentuki is a health resort and it absolutely needs a park for people to walk and recover in.

The park in Yessentuki was laid down in 1847 when the count Vorontsov, then the governor of the Caucasus Region, wanted to improve a swampy area of the stream Kislusha. Now the park takes up an area of some 60 hectares and is divided into the upper and lower parts.

The springs of mineral water are in many places of the park; pump-rooms were built near them. The main arched entrance to the park is on the side of the Theatre Square, but you can also enter it from the Railway Station Square or from Ostrovsky Street (where the Semashko Institution for Mud Cures is located).

Vorontsov Alley runs from Theatre Square through the Lower Park. Near the entrance to the park you can see the pump-room of the spring #17, the pump-room and the musical pavilion of the spring #18. Farther down the alley is the framed building of Zander Mechanical Treatment Institute. Two big pump-rooms of the spring #4 are near the Vorontsov Alley in the middle of the Lower Park.

At the third pump-room of the spring #4 you can turn to the left and go up to the Upper Park. There you can see the «Casual Meetings» Pavilion. The pavilion is on an elevation and at the foot of it is a word «Yessentuki». There are flowers around the pavilion, making it a necessary place for photo sessions in the memory of visiting Yessentuki. The Mineral (Upper) Baths, which are the main attraction of the Park, is in the immediate vicinity of the pavilion.