The building of the Mineral (Upper) Baths, which is often called the Nikolayevsky Mineral Baths, is located at the foot of the Alkaline Mount in the center of the Resort Park. For over a century both mud and mineral water procedures have been conducted there.

As is known, in 1894 a railroad connected Moscow and Kislovodsk making the resorts of Mineral Waters Region closer to the common people and increasing the need in medical procedures. So it was decided to build a big sanatory complex in the Resort Park.

The building of the Nikolayevsky Mineral (Upper) Baths was constructed in the style of Russian Classicism featuring the Baroque elements in 1898. It has the shape of a square (the walls are 65 meters long), within which is the circular pavilion connected to the square one with four passages. Before the institution for Mud Buth was built in Yessentuki the mud baths had been in the circular pavilion, and the mineral baths – in the square one.

Now the Nikolayevsky Mineral (Upper) Baths specializes in the mineral water procedures using the alkali-sulphide mineral water, as well as the Yessentukskaya carbonic acid mineral water from the spring #1. Mud procedures were moved to the Semashko institution for mud cures.