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Springs No. 4, No. 17 and No. 19 in Yessentuki

Yessentuki mineral waters are very popular, and their medical value is generally recognized. Sodium carbonic hydrocarbonate-chloride mineral waters are used for treatment of stomach and liver diseases.

Several pump-houses and mineral water galleries are located in the Lower Resort Park. Spring #17 gallery is near the exit to the Theatre Square, and two pump-houses and two galleries of the Spring #4 are in the center of the park. In Yessentuki there are also several other mineral water springs: #1, #2 and #20.

Spring #17 mineral water is, probably, the most popular healing water in Russia. That is, they don’t drink it to quench their thirst, but use it only as prescribed for treatment of stomach, liver and gall bladder diseases.

Spring #4 mineral water is used as a healing table water, that it is you can drink it as common water, but it also has some weak healing action. You should drink it for treatment of stomach, kidneys, liver and gall bladder. The uniqueness of Spring #4 mineral water is that it has a complex effect on human organism.