The Millennium Square was opened in Saransk in 2012, by the Thousandth Anniversary of the Unification of Mordovian and Russian peoples. It may be quite rightly called one of the main sights of the city.

The light and musical fountain «The Star of Mordovia» is in the center of the square. The fountain reaches the height of 45 meters so it is the highest fountain in Russia. A musical show is given there every evening. The pavement around the fountain is covered by Mordovian ornaments.

The square is dominated by a beautiful glass building somehow looking like the Moscow Stalin skyscrapers. It is the Mordovia State University. It is near a large round building of the Basketball Palace (Basket Hall).

Pushkin library is opposite the Basket Hall. The Millennium Stone is in front the library. The map of the peoples of the Republic of Mordovia is on this memorial sign.