A small but an agreeable museum of wooden architecture called «Mordovian Farmstead» is on the bank of the river Saranka near the new building of the museum of local lore. There are several wooden log houses (izbas) with carved window trims and doors with Mordovian ornaments at the museum.

The Museum Mordovian Farmstead is dominated by a two-floor terem (tower). It is occupied by a restaurant with Mordovian cuisine and waiters in national clothing. The terem is surrounded by small houses. One can enter them to get familiar with the household and culture of the Mordovian people.

For example, in a large 3-room izba one can see a woman svetelka (a small room usually in the upper part of a dwelling) and a big room with an oven and a kitchen. Some other museum structures are located close to it: a smithery, a barn, a cattle yard and a bathhouse with a stove and chimney. There are water bodies with fountains, as well a kitchen garden, among the structures.