The double-headed Elbrus is the highest peak of the Caucasus mountain range. Mount Elbrus is located on the Side Ridge of the Caucasus mountains, which goes 10 km north of the Greater Caucasus range. Since the border between Europe and Asia in the Caucasus runs along the Great Caucasus Range, mount Elbrus belongs to the European part of Russia.

Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe (5642 m). The height of Mont Blanc, the second highest in Europe, reaches 4810 m. This volcano is one of the centers of tourism in Transcaucasia. Many people come here in winter for skiing, and trekking enthusiasts come here in summer to admire the beauty of the Caucasus mountains.

The ski resorts of the Elbrus region are located on the slopes of Elbrus itself, as well as on the neighboring Cheget mountain (3700 m). The ski areas of these two mountains are located 6 kilometers from each other. The season in the Elbrus region is very long, from December to April, and in high-altitude areas even longer, because Elbrus is one of the centers of intensive glacial activity. At least 17 glaciers flow along its slopes.

The southern slope of Elbrus can be climbed by cable car from the station Polyana Azau (2350m) of the Baksan gorge. There are 3 stations on the slope: Krugozor (3000m), Mir (3500m), Gara-Bashi (3847m). If desired, you can use the ratrak to get to the Shelter-11 station (4100 m). The next segment is to the Pastukhov Rocks (4600 m), and then to the top.

The nearby Cheget slope attracts mountain skiing aces. However, it should be borne in mind that the Cheget routes are among the most difficult in Russia. There are no ratraks. Their steepness is on average 45 degrees, although in some places there are gentle stretches.

In summer, Elbrus always attracts a large number of people who want to see the highest peak in the Caucasus and Europe. The mountain itself and the area around are part of the Elbrus national reserve. There are a lot of opportunities for multi-day Hiking, but it will also be very interesting for untrained people.

For regular walks, tourists come to the village of Terskol. Terskol is 110 km from the city of Baksan, where the entrance to the Baksan gorge is located. The Baksan gorge itself is very picturesque. In some places, small gorges branch off on the sides. You can use them to go to tracking routes. The most popular of them passes through the Adyr-Su gorge (12 km, from the village of Upper Baksan to the Ullu Tau Alpine camp).

Cable cars to Elbrus and Cheget work all year round. It is necessary to climb both peaks, since both places offer exceptionally picturesque views of the great Caucasus range and the surrounding area.

On Elbrus, you can make an attempt to climb to the top. From the upper station of the Gara Bashi lift (3847m), the top looks not so far away. But even in summer it is very cold and windy here. Due to lack of oxygen at an altitude of more than 4000 meters, most people are dizzy. Each step is difficult, although some reach Shelter 11 (4050 m). The height difference will be only 200 meters, but they will be very heavy for an untrained person.

As for serious intentions to climb Elbrus, hundreds of people come here every year, who climb to the top from the southern or northern slopes. Especially difficult is the ascent of the Northern slope of Elbrus. You can also visit the Gily-Su nature sight there.

From the top of Cheget, you can walk along the mountainside to the Donguz-Orun Kel lake. It is located at an altitude of 2515 m. Above the lake rises the slope of the mountain Donguz-Orun Bashi (4450m), covered with the tongues of the glacier "Seven". The lake is emerald in summer and grey in autumn.

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The cable cars to the Elbrus mountain during the ski season
View of the surroundings of the National Park Elbrus from one of the viewing point of the road to Dzhily-Su
Two peaks of mount Elbrus. The height of the Eastern peak is 5461 m, and the Western peak is 5642 m
View of the southern slope of mount Elbrus from the Baksan gorge in winter
The Stone of Desires in the valley of the Adyr-Su River at the foot of Ullu-Tau mountain
Stone pyramids in the Glade of Desires at the foot of Mount Ullu-Tau
This is how the peaks of mount Elbrus look at an altitude of 4000 m in summer. There is always snow and very strong wind
Glade of Stone Mushrooms on the northern slope of Elbrus at an altitude of 3200 meters
Stone mushroom with a profile of a man in a Glade of Stone Mushrooms on Elbrus
Top view of the Sultan Waterfall in the Dzhily-Su nature sight, the double-headed Elbrus rises above it
Top view of the Kyzylkol River Gorge, the double-headed Elbrus rises above it
The Kyzylkol River Gorge in the place where the Sultan waterfall falls in the Jily-Su nature sight
Crystal clear water of the Silver Spring in the Glade of Emmanuel
A basalt block at the German Airfield on Elbrus, where the outlines of a lotus are guessed
The German airfield is a vast natural plateau at an altitude of 2850 meters, on the northern slope of Elbrus
View of Elbrus from the Baksan gorge in summer. The peaks of Elbrus are always covered with snow
View of the Cheget mountain (3769 m) rising above the Baksan gorge
Snow cap of Elbrus over the road in the Dzhily-Su nature sight
The southern slope of mount Cheget in the autumn
View of the Baksan gorge in summer from the slope of Cheget mountain in the Elbrus nature reserve
View of the Baksan gorge from the slope of mount Elbrus in winter
Upper station of the cable car Gara Bashi on Elbrus (3780 m). This is the highest point of skiing in Europe
A stone mushroom similar to the head of a monkey in a Glade of Stone Mushrooms on Elbrus
The rugged coastline of Lake Gizhgit in the Baksan Gorge
A path among lava fields on the northern slope of Mount Elbrus at an altitude of 3050 meters
Lava fields in a Glade under Mushrooms on the northern slope of Mount Elbrus at an altitude of 3050 meters
A pyramid-shaped stone in a Glade under Mushrooms, on the northern slope of Elbrus
The rocky slopes of the mountains Donguz-Orun Bashi (4450m) and Nakra-Tau (4228m) rise above the lake Donguz-Orun Kel
The height of the Maiden Braids waterfall in the Elbrus nature reserve is 30 meters, and the width is 18 meters
The main spring of mineral water Narzan in the glade of Narzans in the Baksan gorge near mount Elbrus