Cheget mountain (3769 m) is located on the southern slope of the Baksan gorge. The height of 3070 m can be reached by cable car. In winter, people come here for skiing. In summer, you can walk along several routes, including the Donguz-Orun Kel lake

The length of mountain trails is 16 kilometers. On Elbrus, the length of the trails is 12 km. This is not much for a ski resort, however, the terrain of Cheget is so difficult that it traditionally attracts high-class skiers. A significant part of the slope has an angle of 45 degrees, although there are more gentle segments. There are no ratracks and groomed slopes, so planning a skiing in these areas, it is necessary to adequately assess your forces.

From the middle station of the cable car on Cheget, you can walk along the mountainside to the Donguz-Orun Kel lake. It is located at an altitude of 2515 m. Above the lake rises the slope of the mountain Donguz-Orun Bashi (4450m), covered with the tongues of the glacier "Seven". It is located in the border zone with Georgia. The lake is emerald in summer and grey in autumn.